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SHLSP Series (High Speed Light Duty Sewage Pumps

Operating Data:

Head Up to 40 Mtr.
Capacity Up to 132 m3/hr
Temperature 45°C
HP 0.75 to 10 (1 to 3 HP in single phase)
RPM Up to 2880
Delivery Size 32 mm to 100 mm
Solid Size 50 mm
Connection DOL
Voltage & Phase 415 V, 3 Phase / 215 V, 1 Phase Up to 3 HP
Insulation/Protection 'F' Class / IP 68
Moter Two pole continues duty type squirrel cage
Induction Motor
Cable PVC Insulated Double heated Copper Conductor Flexible
Mechanical Seal Bi-Direction Twin Mechanical Seal with Various face combination
looking to the application.
M.O.C C.I., C.S.
Optional Parts : Impller, Casing, Wear Plate with Various M.O.C. Bronze,


  • Muddy water transfer.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Dewatering of ponds, basement of huge building.
  • Power plant.
  • Effluent transfer, ETP, STP, waste water treatment plant.
  • Used in hotel, hospitals, railways, dairy, chemical ind, sugar, steel, cement, food beverages etc.