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Multi Purpose Rotary Gear Pumps With Double Helical Gears

We are offering Rotary Gear Pumps. These Gear Pumps are multi purpose gear pumps with double helical gears are self priming pump. These are delivered a variety of light & viscous liquids such as oil, fats, coal, tar, paint & molasses. It is Self-priming pumps with five meter suction lifts.
The contraption is furnished with five linkages and connectors, having snares to which container are hung. Gear Pumps are settled between two pulleys around which rope is hurry to associate with two augmentation sort spring adjusts. The unit is extremely valuable for the investigation of curves, projections and docks. The wooden rectangular pillar is fitted with scale without weights.

Operating Data:

Head Up to 120 Mtr.
Capacity Up to 200 m3/hr
Temperature Up to 250°C
Discharge Size 12 mm to 200 mm
Speed Up to 1500 rpm
Pressure Up to 12 kg/cm2
M.O.C C.I, C.S., SS-304 / 304L, SS316 / 316L, Bronze, Alloy-20,
CD4MCU Hast alloy B & C , etc.


  • To delivery a variety of light and viscous liquids such as oil, fats, coal tar, paint, molasses.
  • Highly viscous or semi viscous liquids like ammonia, bleaches, coaltar, dyes, fruits juice, gasoline, glycerin, glue, grease.
  • Paints, sops solution etc.
  • For handling liquids in various industries like textile, paper, cellulose, sugar, steel, food, having temperature range, materials, etc.