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SHCCP Series (Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps)

Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps are the most well-known pump for liquid move in high stream rate, low weight establishments. Divergent water pumps are normal single stage pumps, however because of the extensive variety of materials accessible radiating pumps can likewise be utilized for other low consistency liquids, for example, fuel, oils and petrochemicals.
Single Stage Pumps provides Trip irrigation, water supply & building services. It is used for high capacity and length. They fluctuate from the basic impellers utilized in residential apparatuses to the colossal machines utilized by electric pumped stockpiling plans. Whatever the size or outline they all make them thing in like manner.

Operating Data:

Head Up to 150 Mtr.
Capacity Up to 2200 M3/hr
Discharge Size 25 mm to 300 mm
Temperature 350°C
Speed Up to 3500 rpm
Pressure Up to 15 kg/cm2
M.O.C C.I, C.S., SS-304 / 304L, SS316 / 316L, Bronze, Alloy-20,
CD4MCU Hast alloy B & C , etc.


  • Hot and cold water circulation, cooling water circulation.
  • Drip irrigation, water supply and building services.
  • Thermic fluid, jet dyeing, volatile fluids.
  • Condensate handling, fire fighting system, envirmental.
  • Engineering, Marine, refrigeration and cooling tower installation etc.
  • Chemicals, petrochemicals, refineries, sugar, paper, laminates. Industries, rubber, handling of hydrocarbons, organic and inorganic chemicals, condensate, d.m. water, food industries, salt, textiles Industries, power stations and industries such as pulp, fertilizer, etc.
  • Corrosive and abrasive process chemicals like acids, alkalis, solvents, slurries hydrocarbons, crystallizing, liquids, nitric, ammonia, phosphate, chemical effluents, etc.